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Fortune Telling by Reading the Coffee Grounds!

Finally, for the sake of completeness we cannot ignore a psychic reading tradition that has developed around coffee drinking. Although we are far from being able to give anyone guidelines about how to read coffee grinds, as it seems to be driven by inspiration rather than science, we can give you a few guidelines about how make the cup ready for reading in case you do have a coffee cup reader at hand.

So we assume waited for several minutes for the coffee grinds to deposit to the bottom of the coffee cup after you served your coffee and enjoyed it with your favorite sweet. You have almost finished your coffee but not quite since that last sip would fill your mouth with coffee grinds. So with a tiny little bit of coffee and lots of coffee grinds still left in your cup, put your coffee cup holder on top of your coffee cup, make three horizontal circles with your cup, and then with a quick movement turn the coffee cup with the cup holder upside down. This will slowly bring down the coffee grinds along the coffee cup down to the coffee holder, but in the meantime will form all the patterns that the coffee grind reader needs to tell you about your future. An expert coffee cup reader will interpret the shapes for you and give you your reading and advice about life decisions and problems.

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